What Is Sports Psychology All About?

by | Aug 19, 2016 | eSports, Psychology

Last week (first week of August 2016). there was the biggest eSports event of the year called ‘The International 6’ (Up to $20M in price pool). There were 3 teams in the finals, 2 unknown team (Wings and DC) and the one (EG) who The International 5 last year. Before the matches there was a great discussion in the panel, where the key thought was the following.


At the end of the day, the 2 unknown teams finished in places 1-2 and the last year’s winner was on the 3rd place. GoDz got right the ‘Right Mindset’ won on that day.

Sport Psychology teaches the winning mindset for athletes

It gives a mental toolkit that guides you to deeper understandings and I love this part the most. Yes, it is about sports or eSports but it isn’t the point, it is about YOU.

Could it give someone a mental advantage to win? Of course, it could but it is more important that you will understand the big picture even if you lose.

This is my other favorite story from the field of baseball.

In 1926, a young boy, named Johnny Sylvester, was lying in a hospital bed with a serious skull infection, when he told his father, “I wish I could see Babe Ruth wallop a homer before I die.” The father, who naturally tried anything to help his son’s recovery, sent a telegram to the New York Yankees while they were playing in St. Louis. He soon received an airmail package that, among other items, contained a baseball signed by Ruth, who also wrote, “I’ll knock a homer for you on Wednesday.” Ruth hit three that day.

Sports psychology would tell you what happened exactly on that day to Ruth.

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Zoltan Andrejkovics ‘Andzol’ born in 1985, author of book ‘The Invisible Game: Mindset of a Winning Team’. He always had an interest in fields of interpersonal psychology, team dynamics, competitive gaming and eSports. He loves reading psychology, watching competitive gaming, cycling, cooking and has an interest in future tech.





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