Mindset Rank is an indicator number that measures your potential of success in eSports.
There are no right or wrong answers, so just answer honestly, considering how you compare to most people.

Version 1.1 – MindsetRank.com


1.In your opinion, how much time does it take to become a successful team?
2.Losing matches don’t demoralize me. I don’t lose my faith easily.
3.I practice my skills with or without my team
4.For me it is important to compare my performance to others
5.If things going in wrong direction during the game
6.Which is the more important?
7.How many thoughts do you have during a game?
8.If I have something in my mind during the game
9.Others could easily motivate me with
10.During the preparation for a tough game
11.When I think about success
12.I often set a goal but later I find a different one more important.
13.When I have to make a decision