What is esports?

Competitive Gaming

Esports (also referred as Electronic Sports or Professional Gaming) are tournaments organized by various national or international organizations (like Valve or Activision-Blizzard) involved in Video Game business scene. The most famous genres in esports are RTS (Real Time Strategy), FPS (First Person Shooter), and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games.

The most popular games in 2018 are League of Legends (MOBA), Dota 2 (MOBA), Counter-Strike:GO (FPS), Overwatch (FPS), FIFA 2018 (Sport), Clash Royale (MOBILE-MOBA), Hearthstone (Card) and Starcraft 2 (RTS).

Like boxing and poker, esports are mind based sports with restricted physical exercise.

Competitive gaming involves mainly youngsters between the age of 18-28 who form teams in order to participate in tournaments.

The most known tournaments in the world of competitive gaming are The International (Dota 2), the League of Legends World Championship and LCS (League System), the Battlenet World Championship Series (Hearthstone) and Intel Extreme Masters (CS:GO). Most of the famous events provide live broadcasts and big prize pools to the winning teams ($10.000-$10.000.000).

As VR and AR evolve, digital sports will get much more sophisticated. Sooner or later, it’s likely that esports will be closer to traditional sports.

After esports were broadcasted nationally on ESPN or on other television channels worldwide, the likelihood of esports becoming Olympic sports improves. It is theorized that esports might be an Olympic sport on the 2020 summer games.

In accordance with the US Federal Government, esports players are regarded as professional athletes, in the respect that they may get a VISA to come to the US for the purpose of participating in esports competitions.

A significant role of competitive gaming is to create an atmosphere wherein fans can be avid supporters of their favored team. Fans do not just watch online their favorite esports events, they travel to these events in huge arenas like the Staples Center, Wembley Arena, and even the Sang-am World Cup Stadium.