Psychology and Mental Skills in Esports

How can I master my mental skills during a game?

The Positive Mindset 

If you do not have the positive mindset you will fail with pro teams. You should build up your values and acquire a positive attitude even in bad situations. Esports are mentally tough, even if you have a very good team constant gaming could push you to your edge. Mastering the positive mindset is essential to every pro player.

In traditional sports psychologist know the importance of the right mindset, habits, and exercises that could reduce stress. Sports psychologist has a rich history in this field.

If you are in a situation when you have to face with one of the world’s best team and you have the skills to face with it, this is where mindset and strategy really counts.

The Most Important Topics of Mental Training

GOALS AND OBJECTIVE – How can we set up goals? How could we realize them?

MENTAL SIDE OF PREPARING – Understanding the nature of preparation and practice

TACTIC AND STRATEGY – Strategy and mental preparedness walk alongside, they are connected, in case of video games (e.g. MOBA games) it is always usefull to have plan ‘A’ and also plan ‘B’ just in case

VALUES AND TEAM – Team relations, friendships are just as important as tactics and skills. These are the strong bond of the team

MOTIVATION – You should understand the not-bullshit part of motivation, how it really works?

THE SELF – Understanding the nature and behavior of ego could help you develop yourself continuously

SENSING – Do you think human brain perceives every information as you thought? No, it works like magic, but sometimes not on the side you want

EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS – My favorite part, this is where team members should be extremely honest with each other and with themselves, examining our feelings could lead to a better understanding why we do play the game?

The Invisible Game

I started this book in 2014 with the only aim to help pro players to work on the mental side. It was our handbook, contains every important esports psychology topic that we should talk about.