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The Esports Map 2017-2018

You may wonder what game titles have the biggest impact in esports. We collected them into one map for you.

Esports Games by Popularity

According to twitch viewership numbers the most popular games are the following. The games are ranked based on the tournament hours watched by fans.

Twitch (2017 October)

Game Categories

  1. MOBA Games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) – The most popular game genre in esports. Traditional strategy games feature many heroes controlled by one player, MOBAs are team focused games. The unique viewer experience for fans gives so much plus when watching a MOBA broadcast, hiding the fog of war and the information displayed for fans (like collected gold) helps them to follow the game easily.
    Games: League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Smite
  2. FPS Games (First-Person Shooters) – This game genre gives the most realistic gaming experience when controlling a character. Focus on fight from a first-person view , and usually gives a team-based gaming experience.
    Games: Counter-Strike GO, Overwatch, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (battle royal)
  3. CCG (Collectible Card Game) – This game category is a typically for gatherer type of people, who like to collect and combine cards and create new strategies.
    Games: Hearthstone, Gwent
  4. RTS (Real-Time Strategy Games) – The classic strategic genre, where usually two players are having a battle against each other, while they controlling multiple units. The basic concept behind these games is gathering resources and producing units.
    Games: Starcraft II, Warcraft III
  5. Simulation Games – There are many sub-genres like auto simulation or sport simulation games, which models a real life sport in order to put the player into the exact situation as a real-life sportsman.
    Games: FIFA18, Rocket League, F1 2017
  6. Mobile Games – Mobile games are emerging very rapidly in the last 2 years. A lot of live action games were developed, which have a unique game style. From graphical experience side, these games are getting better and better. Their common points are simple game control, scalable game contents and to give you quick fun moments.
    Games: Clash Royale,  Vainglory (MOBA) 

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