How To Become a Professional Gamer?

I want to become a pro gamer

Conscious Practice

Most of the guys practice games by playing them and they commit the same mistakes over and over again. No, it is not practice it is more like a waste of time.

Learn from your mistakes, take time to review and correct them. Next time, try to act a smarter way, if you find something that works in high level, than master it perfectly.

Use quality equipment for gaming. 144 Hz monitor, a really good mouse and good computer.

Form a habit from daily practices, continuity is the key to success.

Master your Mindset

If you do not have the positive mindset you will fail with pro teams. You should build up your values and acquire a positive attitude even in bad situations. eSports are mentally tough, even if you have a very good team constant gaming could push you to your edge. Mastering the positive mindset is essential to every pro player.

Find a Team

No matter if it’s a local hobby team or the best of your country, be a part of a team. No matter where you start.

Take Part in Tournaments

You heard it, start practice for tournament qualifiers, most of the open qualifiers are free to take part. Of course you will not have any chance, but it isn’t the point. The point is to taste the competitive scene. If there are any price money there will be a real competition. It helps to make connections with other teams.

Find Better and Better Scrim Partners

Your practice partner defines how good you are. If you have low skill partner it would be a real challenge to evolve, try to find better and better ones.

Don’t stuck! If something doesn’t works find new opportunities. Self-critic will always tell you if the problem is with you or with your teammates (maybe they have other goals). For example, a hobby team will most likely never arrive to the Top Tier, there will come the day when you have to step further. Search for new opportunities.

Intention to be Recognized

Build your personal network. Be present, be open with everyone, your enemy is your biggest friend. Every “enemy” you face with holds your opportunity to step further. Be brave try to contact pro team members.

Find Your Inner Motivation

Do not do it for money. In (e)Sports money is bad motivator. If you are seeking for excellence than it will come after a while, but in the first years from financial perspective it is a “negative game”.

Keep in mind it won’t be easy. If you feel your are “good” than I could tell you are far from the bests. These guys in the top teams, they are pushing crazy, being at the top requires special lifeform and huge dedication, but it is not impossible. You could be the next hero! Find ways to do it better than the bests!