What is the life span of a MOBA game?

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Business, eSports, Quora

This is the standard life-cycle of a genre. Fast growth, with a long maturity plateau and a longer decline and niche.

We should find some concrete comparable game titles to gain more insight:

Less successful or failed games

  • Dawngate – 2 years (2013–2014) MOBA
  • Sins of a Dark Age – 2 years (2015–2016) MOBA
  • Heroes of Newerth – 5 years (2010–2015) MOBA
  • Panzar – 4 years (2013–2017) MOBA

Successful games

  • Starcraft I-II – 20 years (Since 1998) strategy game genre (RTS) still alive but declining
  • Diablo I-II-III – 22 years (Since 1996) (RPG) still alive but niche game
  • League of Legends (Since 2009) MOBA in maturity phase
  • Dota (2005) and Dota 2 (2011) MOBA in maturity phase

I would consider League of Legends and Dota both successful titles, so I would expect their lifespan between 15–20 years.

But clock is ticking and Gamers always want something big and new and in 2017 the MOBA market stucked and we see a small but steady decline. See Google Interest chart. What is next? We will see.





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