10 Reasons Why You Should Start Setting Goals In eSports

by | Jun 27, 2016 | eSports

Nowadays ‘Setting goals’ is a common bullshit that is part of every self-development book I have read. But is it accidental? Why is so important to have a goal or vision? In this article, I want to give some insight the real significance of setting goals and how they could help (even for e-Athletes) as written in book ‘The Invisible Game‘. So, Why you should start setting goals?

1. Without having goals there is no achievement

Literally, if you have nothing in mind, there is nothing to reach. You will live day by day without changing anything. Setting a goal starts changing your life. You start to experience failings but also small wins. Setting a goal is like having a decision:

I want to change something

If we pick a goal it is most likely something bigger than us, maybe unreachable (at least at the moment when we find out) but there is a quote amongst body builders: “The body achieves what the mind believes”. Our only task is to believe that our goal is possible and go forward it.

2. It costs nothing

Okay, I am an economist, but really writing down a goal or putting a vision together costs only our time. There is no risk spending some minutes in our day to rethink what we really want.

3. Crazy dreams

If my goal is not crazy enough, it may be not my goal

If you tell one of your friends, that you want to make a career in eSports it seems to be a crazy goal today, but if it starts your fantasy and you love the idea, it could be a really good future. Do not listen to others when you think about setting goals, they only belong to you. Listen to your parents but at the end of the day, you should make the decision.


4. Persistence and honesty

Setting a goal makes you honest. You can’t lie to yourself by setting goals you do not like. If you do so, they won’t be persistent, they won’t last to be the reality for you.

5. New paths take you to new endeavors

Short term goals are also important. If you do not say “My intention is to win this match” before an important event, you will have less chance to win. Goal setting starts a flow in your brain that wants to solve the question “how to win this match” and finding the how is the exact patch we are looking for.

6. Knowing what motivates you – knowing yourself

Goal setting in a game is no just about achieving something, but it is important to identify what motivates you and helps to understand yourself and also your team members. Some people are playing for recognition, some others for attention, there are even people who play for the price money and there are players whose only goal is the perfection. Everybody has his own personality that should be discovered and eSports could really help in this.

7. Creates team values

When you set a goal to a team, it generates a common effort to achieve it. This develops team values which are really unique in our lives. The friendship between team members when we have a common goal could last a lifetime. It gives them direction to move forward. Goals need partners and teammates make up the roots of the goal seeds which strengthen the foundation.

8. It makes you excel yourself- the realization of goals

Once you set up goals and achieve them, then next step is about excelling in what you did and make up new goals. Acting as a motivating factor, it sets a benchmark and makes you grow and outshine yourself. Goals never stop they help you to go further.

9. Winning through real actions

The ultimate aim of any game is to ‘win’ (however not every time the game itself). In eSports winning is not achieved from day dreaming it takes practice, the reality is achieved from working hard and tactfully towards it. Goals generate the real actions.

10. Goals reveal your inner resources

Most players have more under the surface, they have many potential that is not recognized during a lifetime. Goal setting helps to utilize your capabilities. Some people are good in strategy, some others in implementation. You should push yourself to solutions that achieved with your own resources. Remember not a CEO could do everything single-handedly within its company even if he would have plenty of time, he only utilizes his managing skills to achieve his goals.

The openness of mind, right intentions and a stress-free goals along with the right vision are what keeps the eSport player going for satisfaction. The stubborn perseverance and patience lead to actual realization. So the idea is not to change your original goal or change your course if things do not fall at right places. Hold on and keep moving ahead!





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