We can assume that while mentally preparing for eSports, the most important parts are intense thinking and sheer will, and how well a set of positive sentences or mantras before a contest influence performance.
In truth, thoughts and mantras are no more than a drop in a bucket. There are no magic tricks. The team that wins is the one that’s mentally and physically better prepared, so winning is its just reward.
Nowadays superficial thinking and bodily expressions are promoted over long-held basic and natural wisdoms. Yet, winning requires more than superficiality.

This book is not a set recipes about how to build the ideal team. It rather speaks to the reader about the importance of experience and life-long learning that leads past beating the opponent and into deeper truths.
The book contains 20 revelations that provide the essentials to build upon one’s personality and go below the surface. They help the player to discover their self and become a truly valuable teammate.


Kodiak (CS:GO)

“Essential book for every e-Athlete, either beginner or professional. The book describes the positive mental attitude which brings out the most in you.”

XGN Jerry (CS:GO)

“I have to say, it gave me a new perspective on playing any video game”

L1daton (Dota 2)

“I am not going to lie, there were parts that I still don’t get but what I did get helped me to win”

GeLoren (Dota 2)

“If you think that gaming is all about practicing skills, you are missing the most important part.”

Raymond M. (CS:GO)

“When I began reading this book, I thought this book was a little too “zen”. Talking about life experiences and my personality to win sounded a little bit silly. After taking an afternoon to read, I found that I learned a lot more than I thought.”


Zoltán Andrejkovics born in 1985, MD of Myrmidons eSport team, married and father of one. He always had an interest in fields of interpersonal psychology, team dynamics, competitive gaming and eSports. His professional experiences gave a lot of real life examples how team members could achieve real goals.

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“The best listeners listen between the lines”

Nina Malkin


10 ∙ Chapters about the mental side of eSports
2 ∙ Extra chapters about communication and leadership
30+ ∙ Handmade illustrations
10+ ∙ Real life stories
20 ∙ Key Thoughts

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